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I'm a dork, but thats ok
I’m a dork, but that’s ok,
I like myself anyway
My friends and sis are so supportive,
I don’t know why I would feel morbid.
Shy but witty when I feel the need
The box is hollow and I am just a seed.
Let me grow, be myself,
Drop like a rock off the shelf.
Nerd, geek, dork in fact
No one said I was the class act.
:iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 2 16
Love has fallen
Love has fallen
Dim and grey
Painful undertaking
Wounds with a stain
No humor
White as snow
Feeling falls
Like petals to the ground.
Tears in attempt
To wash the pain away
Who’s to know how we feel.
Chained like a dove on earth to stay
We wish he would be here forever
Time has passed, like snow it falls
How can this ever end?
He was all my joy,
my keeper,
my friend.
:iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 4 6
Fantasy is my Forte
The sky is red, the ground is blue
The stars are prickly oh, boo hoo
Love is lemons and liquor is limes,
Every day Laffy Taffy for valentines.
The Moon makes the sun shine, the snow is hot
Imagine all the people as robots.
The clouds rain fireworks, the fireworks, rain
Oh, imagine life without pain.
The ocean is a bowl, the earth the fish
Hmm, what a ridiculous wish.
Pink makes the grass grow, the sand is hard
The canyons crumble, like a pie of rhubarb.
The trees drink syrup, the bees make crayons
Cows weave large coats of rayon.
Camels drink slurpies and goblins serve tea,
Coffee beans grow fast and furious…
Oops, the goats are now delirious.
Milk is Soda, and Clam Chowder the stream
Oh, what a wonderful dream.
Catepillars plant mushrooms, and chickens hatch butterflies
What beautiful day dreams that fly by.
The wind is purple, our thoughts' teal… only one eye, a bobbin for a reel.
:iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 3 11
The Ocean is Snoring
The ocean is snoring, the tidal pools wave…
The music is crystalline, but what is that bass?
The shake of the water, the sound of that snore
Where is the earthquake that lets us sleep no more?!?
I wish I had a time machine to get rid of that sound,
I wish I knew where that sound was found…
Come to my call, ocean’s snore
Let me hypnotize you to make sound no more.
A tick of the pocket watch, a plug in the stream,
A magnifying glass, black light, metal detector, a screen.
Fish in the water, frogs in the lake… not that sound, what does it take?
I crawl on the carpet with an extendable ear
Changing directions, solidifying my fears.
A tear to the eye as the sound roars with a beat,
Now what is that smell? Feet? I look up to my horror and I am in a bedroom
No water, no ocean, no natural lagoons. No toilet a flushing, but what is that sound?
The snore is attached to a nose and a mouth.
A vibrating throat, a tonsil, a tongue… that must be the source of the grumbling hu
:iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 2 13
Love sickness
What will you think when I look into your eyes
What will you think when you see the skies in mine
How will you know, when our love is true
How can I have so much faith in you?
There's nothing worse than falling, falling really hard
There's no worse tear than being shed over your sweet heart
A rose bush full of thorns, a picket fence, a tree…
How do I know when you’re in love with me?
It's been a decade since I met you but you move no closer dear
And sometimes I wonder, what is there to fear?
Love is eternal, but life is short.
If you love me, then come court!
:iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 4 28
Figment of my Emotionality
There must be something wrong with me, I don’t feel quite sane.
My wild side took over me, and I am not to blame.
My dorm room is falling apart, duck tape on the glass
The heaters are radiating me, I can’t block out the blast.
My bed is crooked, the windows are foggy, What am I to do?
Tobey in the Spidey suit keeps looking back at you.
This homework will not write itself, if only it were true.
Coffee grounds scatter the desk, old coffee is to brew.
A screw is missing in the door, the algae eater stopped cleaning
The floor has ants, the bed has laundry, o boy this isn’t funny.
Now said Coraline from the tank, “Would you like some button eyes?”
There is a pair right in here, I believe they're your size.
Trying them on I see something new, “What a sparkling view!”
What seems to be the dawning sun is just a bit of dew.
I have no clue where I am until I see twinned-eyes like mine,
And staring back two inches from me is Ms. Coraline.
A trick I say to bring
:iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 2 16
Something more or someone less
I look inside to find something new, so innocent so pure
But all that’s left inside of me is emptiness, desire
Oh I want something more, a fish, a friend, a foe?
Anything would be better than analyzing my big toe.
Wonderment inside of me, is this really how I want to live?
What is this resistance inside of me that keeps me from giving in?
Then it whispers from the air, all it is is fear…
Fear that traps me in my room, while I get nothing done.
It’s only the fear of what I could become.
What’s the sense of partying without a drink or two?
Where is the control in drinking a few?
I fear the ambulance coming get me, or the cops at my back
I fear the sound of the stomach pumper trying to bring me back.
Now this may all be a joke to you, but its reality to me,
It’s the knowledge of what could happen that others don’t seem to see.
I have control they say as they stumble down the road…
I have control they mumble as they wake up frail in jail.
And it’s wh
:iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 3 15
Sunlight Moonlight
Sunlight Moonlight, where art thee?
In the shadows, in the trees?
The clouds are here for all to see,
But, where are you that I seek?
The sun a star, the moon a reflector,
The son the moon, the father the sun
Where art thee?
When the cloud shades thee, how comes thy light
How is it that in rain you remain so bright?
All your sons and daughters reflecting your light,
A rainbow of sisters and brothers in love…
We show your light
As we follow you, above…
:iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 2 18
Don't ask twice
Emotions flow, in and out…
Oh boy, I wish I could shout…
How did we get in this mess?
All these friendships ending like this?
A little partying can go a long way
Denial trails all over the place.
All focus gone as friendships end
How are we going to move on?
Sneaking the drunk boys in after midnight,
Sickness on their own carpets
They wouldn’t have made it in without them
But, where is the thanks?
Immaturity rules in fools,
When will they realize their faults?
Talk it out, say thanks for once… maybe someone will understand
But, don’t expect it a second time, their help won’t come for you again.
:iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 2 18
January comes and goes
Silently snowflakes fall...
Sleds speed down hills,
Hot tea warms the soul,
Thoroughly inside out.
Little kids watch the news,
Sadly they sing the blues,
As they approach exams.
“School’s canceled?” Not today…
Go inside, no more play,
Mitts, gloves, hats, and bibs,
drip at the heater.
Snow melts, freezes again,
slippery spots all over the place,
Black ice.
Bicycles slip to and fro,
Salt trucks distribute themselves,
Temperatures thaw, tornadoes come,
Where did they come from?
Rain, sleet, what else? Who knows…
Warm flash.
My birthday comes with a cake,
What a grand day this will make.
January will come again…
February is next my friends,
:iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 2 16
Lightning and Windmill by jrweiland Lightning and Windmill :iconjrweiland:jrweiland 4 9 Ron by unordinalwhimsey Ron :iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 1 10 Termit by unordinalwhimsey Termit :iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 2 2 Without_A_Care by XopherTAF Without_A_Care :iconxophertaf:XopherTAF 5 16 Anna by unordinalwhimsey Anna :iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 2 5 ANNA, NEGATIVE by unordinalwhimsey ANNA, NEGATIVE :iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 2 8


  • Listening to: Enya
  • Reading: Embalming: History, Theory, and Practice
  • Eating: granola bar
  • Drinking: coffee
I figured it was about time that I updated this journal entry. Currently in the middle of studying for my midterms. I've completed one semester so far in the Mortuary Science Program at Wayne State University. I will be done with the program in August. I am going to school to become a funeral director. The program has been challenging, but also a lot of fun. I have a lot of great teachers and students with me in the program. It's like being in 5th grade again. Going around to all of your classes with the same people. Glad I like who I'm with. :)


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United States
Current Residence: A little place I call home
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: I love any kind of music except for country
Favourite style of art: Anything and Everything
Skin of choice: Any skin color is beautiful
Favourite cartoon character: Bobby from Bobby's World


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flamingodancer123 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Hi Anna!! Saw you visited my page and was wondering how you are doing?? Are you a practicing Mortician yet? Its been a long time. How you are well, and things are going the way you want them too.
flamingodancer123 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013
Thanks for the favs on my birds, that was very kind of you!!:)  Are you in school over the summer, or taking a break?:)
AWpHarm8D Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
You're welcome! Still in school, but almost done. This coming week is my last week of college. :)
flamingodancer123 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
Wow!!!!  Congratulations!!!  Then back home??  Maybe Detroit right now is not the safest place?  Do you intern, or start looking for a job? :)
flamingodancer123 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
Thanks so much for the favs, that was very kind of you!!! So glad to hear you're liking school, that definitely helps doesn't it?! How is living in Detroit, I hear it's not doing well at all!!!
AWpHarm8D Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
You're welcome! Loving school really does help. I love living in Detroit! :love: Every city has some faults. I think that you definitely have a different perspective on things when living inside Detroit as oppose to looking in from the outside. I'm going to miss Detroit when I go back home after I'm done w/ school. I will definitely have to make trips down to Detroit to visit. :)
flamingodancer123 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
That's so true about cities, I live by NYC and Philly, and I love Philly, but it has it's bad side too! I love the history of the place. I shouldn't admit it but I watch Hardcore Pawn based in Detroit(trutv) and really shouldn't judge by that!!!:) It's so nice to hear you love school and where you are, very lucky indeed!!:)
AWpHarm8D Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013
Yeah. I've watched a little bit of Hardcore Pawn. I'm thankful to live in a safe part of Detroit. No matter where you are, you need to be street smart and use common sense, but I do really feel safe where I'm at. I do love school! Too bad it's almost over! :) I've got things lined up for me when I'm done, so I'm very thankful about that. :)
WhiteBook Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
AWpHarm8D Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
You're welcome! :)
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